The Beginners Guide to Local SEO

Local search engine optimization is a branch of SEO that focuses on optimizing a website to be found in local search results. • If you’ve had a business website for a while but haven’t invested in any SEO, you’ll have a slight advantage, but will still need several months to gain significant local rankings. Because the value of good links is so high, local SEO practitioners will likely spend a great deal of time working to develop these links.
Our Link Intersect toollets you find websites that link to multiple competitors. This is useful for finding relevant local and industry-specific citations. BrightLocal’s study shows that 34% of SEOs think on-page signals are the most important factor for regular organic search.
These citations have a dedicated page to them and they appear on business directories and social profiles. Search engine result pages look very different for local searches because they include special features like maps, business opening hours, and price ranges. Simply put, SEO efforts are targeted at driving the maximum amount of traffic to a website by ranking it higher in the search engine result pages . In other words, when users search for a particular topic , an SEO-optimized website has a better chance of showing in the top results. While you want to make sure search engines know what your business and your website are about, it’s important to think of those potential customers who are searching for your business. The new features lets local businesses display their address, hours and more information at the top of their Twitter profile.
If you change your business hours, update them in your listing! Updating with a fresh post every two weeks will help keep your listing relevant and allow you to add more local keywords to your account. The more engagement and activity on your listing, the happier Google is, and the higher you’ll rank in the results. In the past, local businesses have often gotten away without learning the latest trends in local SEO. Customers are expecting to find their local companies in the search results.
Each result also has a star rating, making the 3-pack section crucial for attracting local customers. Local citations are instances where your business name, address, and phone number are mentioned online—for example, a local business listing. No matter where you add local citations on the web, make sure that your information is correct and used in a consistent format every time. A local SEO approach makes it easier for nearby consumers to discover local businesses.
You may not need to spend $5,000, either, unless you have several locations. For Marketing Automation , here’s more information on typical pricing ranges for our local SEO campaigns. Google looks not only at your website for signals to use in its rankings — it looks at the entire web. Wherever it encounters a place that cites your business or has a link back to your website, that tie to your business is assessed. Is the pin marker on Google Maps appearing in the correct position when people search for your business? If not, login to your Google My Business profile and make the necessary adjustments.
Track how well your local listings show up for searches conducted in the area surrounding your retail locations. Run side-by-side comparisons against local competitors and use the insights to develop content that will win you greater share of voice on local search engine results pages . The best of both worlds would be to rank both locally and organically. The more placements you have within the search results, the better. When your website has good content, you should think of it as a tool to help you drive new business.
Organic results are the “normal” blue link search results we’re all used to seeing on Google. Greater london”– Searchers probably want to know whether the business supplies this service in their area. This will show you sites linking to one or more of your competitors, but not you. Ranking factors vary depending on where you want to rank—but some are important for both. If they map to the same service, such as “drain unblocking” and “drain unclogging,” assign them to the same page. To check a query for local intent, Google it and check the results.
A local SEO campaign will help a restaurant gain more visibility, and done right, will inspire more locals and visitors to frequent it. Home repairs, remodeling and renovations are in demand services in the U.S., so much so that there are over 455,000 home remodeling companies in the country alone. It’s a very lucrative industry and you don’t want to miss an opportunity whenever a household needs repair. All businesses that have a physical establishment or serve any geographic area will benefit from local SEO.
We’ll audit the site, then create a content strategy and build links that will move the needle… every month. If you are a business that’s invested in search engine optimization , you’re already ahead of the game and have seen the benefits it can bring. Your website has more traffic, more pages visited per session, more time spent on your website—All the other metrics that point to being highly optimized.