50+ Fundraising Ideas During Covid + Socially Distanced Ideas

Since text-to-give services charge a processing fee, these tools are used mainly by nonprofits or other groups that host fundraising events. But, once you’ve got it set up, these campaigns are a quick and easy way to boost donations for all of the future campaigns and events you host. Providing education and other related opportunities is highly expensive. With many schools underfunded, they are left on their own to come up with ideas to raise the necessary funds. If this resonates with you, your elementary school is likely in the same condition, and you need good fundraising ideas. This idea includes multiple ways to raise money at a single event.
Consider charging each participant a small fee to register online. Have an enticing and relevant reward ready (e.g. a set of pots, a crockpot, or a cooking course). Those who bring soup can get in for free, but charge all the tasters/attendees to enter.
Better yet, invite the parents in on the fun by having them share breakfast and hot chocolate with their children. Adding a special movie for everyone to watch while they’re all in their pajamas makes this day extra special to look forward to. Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Bluegrass hosted a fun peer-to-peer fundraiser called Givers & Gamers that’s perfect for in-person or virtual events.
This means making a list of your family and friends as well as your neighbors and coworkers. First of all, if you were looking for samples of fundraising letters you can click here. For instance, we only sell snacks and treats people like to buy every week. We also sell wrapping paper that people will want to buy in the holiday season.
Have people place wagers on who will come out on top and watch them battle for victory. Generate some buzz about your pretzel fundraiser in your community. If donations for nonprofits are the middle school, make sure the high school, the elementary school, all of the local businesses and people in town know where they can get their pretzels. Let them know the pretzel fundraiser will be around for a limited time and that they should stock up.
Make sure you have enough writing utensils for all the players. Hold a bidding process for whatever part of the school you are offering up to be named. Invite the wider community and alumni to the fair and charge them a fee for entry. Best of all, whatever you don’t sell can be added to your school library’s collection. You can even get the whole community involved by setting up shoe donation drop-off centers around the neighborhood.
Pumpkin carving is suitable for all ages, which makes this an amazing fundraising idea to try out! Here’s an example of an online giving campaign created on Donorbox around the same theme. Host a pumpkin sale to benefit your nonprofit by ordering pumpkins in bulk from a local farmer. Then sell those pumpkins at your offices or public space (like a farmer’s market) at a higher price to raise money.
Tag the college you’re partnering with and use a few applicable hashtags to increase the chances you’ll pop up on the students’ radar. You can even partner with a bakery for a bake sale to kick off the school year. Fall is an opportune time for local businesses to drive sales and attract new customers. Partnering with a nonprofit like yours is a great way for them to grow awareness and generate positive publicity amongst community members. Fundraising is an important aspect of any PTO; it is often the main source of income. It is completely up to teachers and parents to raise the money needed to help with various expenses during the year.
We have also added suggestions and pro tips so you can raise money more effectively with each fundraising idea. Not sure what this year’s theme will be for your PTO auction or gala fundraiser? More than 200 guests bought tickets and bid on silent and live auction items to raise money to fund computer labs as well as arts and other programs at the school.